Financial Services

It does not matter whether you are a credit institution, insurance company or capital investment company, whether the company is independent or part of a corporation – financial service providers have special requirements for their advisors due to their special business model and the additional regulatory framework conditions. The area of financial services at FAS AG fulfills these requirements through a comprehensive understanding of the products and processes and general framework conditions for financial service providers.

Accounting & Reporting

In the area of accounting & reporting, on the one hand, FAS AG advises banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers on the introduction and interpretation of accounting requirements such as IFRS 9 – Classification & Valuation of Financial Instruments, IFRS 17 – Insurance Contracts and special areas such as hedge accounting and also specific requirements under the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch, HGB) such as BFA 3 – Loss-free Valuation of the Banking Book or BFA 4 – Foreign Currency Translation. On the other, experts at FAS AG will help with the optimization and redesign of reporting processes and finance architectures.

Risk & Regulatory

In the risk & regulatory area, FAS AG provides its clients with support in the implementation of new and amended regulatory requirements such as FINREP, COREP or IRRBB and also the preparation of disclosure reports. On the one hand, we advise on content requirements in the provisions and, on the other, on the processes for regular preparation. This area is complemented by the introduction and optimization of internal control systems. They are designed and implemented for the finance area and the regulatory area in cooperation with colleagues from WTS and in the tax area.

Valuation & Transaction

In the valuation & transaction area, FAS AG help banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers handle all questions related to valuation issues and company transactions. This includes transaction-based valuations such as a purchase price allocation or impairment certificates as well as carve-out and post-merger integration topics. In addition, we provide support for special valuation cases such as portfolio valuation or the valuation of employee investment programs.