Changes for Lessees due to IFRS 16

The following table provides you with information about the planned changes for lessees as a result of the new lease accounting standard IFRS 16.


IAS 17/FAS13

IFRS Leases

Classification of the lease agreement

Operating lease and finance lease


Balance sheet reporting for the lease agreement

Operating Lease: No
Finance Lease: Yes

Generally all lease agreements

Discounting of leasing obligation

Internal interest rate, alternatively: Incremental borrowing rate

Interest rate calculated by lessor, alternatively: Incremental borrowing rate

Variable rental payments = Leasing obligation

Index-/Interest-based installment payments

Index-/Interest-based installment payments, actual fixed payments

Residual value guarantee = Leasing obligation

Maximum settlement amount

Expected payments


Fundamentally no

Changes in (a) leasing term, (b) likelihood of exercising purchase option, (c) index-/interest-based installment payments in the case of a change in the cash flow or (d) payments on account of residual value guarantees.
Requirement for (a) and (b): Results under control of the lessee.

Short-term rental agreements (likely term of up to 12 months)

No disclosure

No disclosure (option)

Low value lease agreements (new price up to $5,000)

Fundamentally no disclosure

No disclosure (option)


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