Interim Management

Interim managers assume responsibility for the results of their work in a line position. They leave the company or the occupied position as soon as the problem has been solved and a stable new company or division management has been established or after the restructuring of the strategic business unit concerned. Interim managers can be deployed at all management levels.

Typical Interim Situations

Cases in which an interim assumption of functions and responsibilities makes sense:

  • Temporary need for additional internal personnel
  • Qualitative support for internal decisions for a period of time or a project
  • Need to implement decisions, whereby the assumption of a permanent position in the company is not desired, whether for reasons of capacity or corporate policy.
  • Capacity increase without increasing the headcount, no hiring requiring approval on account of involvement

The use of interim capacities has the following advantages:

  • Fast and efficient staffing with experienced FAS AG managers
  • Rapid implementation of measures and best practice solutions
  • Integration of an external perspective with competence to solve internal requirements
  • Capacity increase for a limited period of time
  • Sustainable increase in effectiveness beyond the interim manager’s period of engagement thanks to process improvements and further qualified employees

Restructuring/Turnaround Management

Crisis managers or Chief Restructuring Officers support the company in implementing a restructuring plan and achieving the turnaround. The main tasks include the creation of transparency, ongoing communication with the parties involved in the restructuring and the implementation of restructuring measures. Crisis managers/CROs are often given full authority or organ responsibility.

An interim manager can be deployed at various times in a restructuring process. He or she can be used during the concept development phase, the implementation of immediate measures to secure liquidity, negotiations with stakeholders and in the implementation phase. Frequently, support is provided throughout all project phases. This has the advantage that responsibilities are established at an early stage and information from the concept phase can be used immediately in the ongoing course of the project.

Acquisition and Integration

Corporate transactions often cause companies, operating units or departments to be merged. Integration managers support those involved by designing preparatory measures and taking responsibility for implementing the integration plan. We accompany the integration process on the basis of comprehensive methodological knowledge in project management and technical expertise in areas critical for success.

FAS AG as a Partner for Interim Deployment

If we are deployed for interim management, we can cover the following activities, among others:

  • Participation in company documentation, in the preparation of a fact book or a requirement profile for potential acquisitions
  • Identification of potential investors or target companies
  • Assumption of communication with prospective parties or target companies and organization of the exchange of information
  • Assumption of the complete M&A project management
  • Negotiation support
  • Pre- and post-closing support
  • Assumption of various integration tasks

A temporary assumption of functional responsibility may also be necessary on numerous occasions other than those mentioned, such as special projects or staff vacancies. Our interim managers have many years of specialist and management experience and provide support in particular in the areas of finance and accounting, controlling, internal audit and the position of CFO.

We can fill the following positions with experienced FAS AG experts or experts from our network:

  • Manager/Employee Accounting/Accounting
  • Manager/Employee Controlling
  • Manager/Employee Internal Audit
  • Commercial Manager/CFO
  • Head/Employee Compliance

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.

 Dr. Rainer Doll Partner