Transaction Advisory – Make Informed Decisions Only

Valid and reliable financial information is the basis of each investment decision. Ensuring the quality of the financial information provided is therefore a mandatory requirement. We analyze the available data, relevant main drivers of value added and critical core topics that are relevant for your transactions and quantify market value and synergies with state-of-the-art valuation methods for you. Furthermore, we track your investment in the case of the following valuation tasks and financial integration. 

Financial & Tax Due Diligence

How stable and sustainable are the results of your investment? What risks cannot be found directly on the balance sheet? We describe our findings in the due diligence process and put the focus on subjects that are relevant for the valuation of the company and negotiations with the buyer/seller. Since a lot of value can be gained or lost at an early stage in the negotiation process, we offer information updates on risks prior to acquisition in real time – whenever they are needed. You will receive from us clear statements on the risks that should be addressed in the purchase agreement. 

Company Valuation

Company valuations can involve liability risks for private equity managers and managing directors and officers. Irrespective of whether a transaction price must be found first or whether an already negotiated price should be checked in a professional valuation, we have knowledge of the market and the valuation procedures to provide you with the basis and legally secure documentation for the presentation of your decision to the supervisory board, shareholders or financial authorities.  

Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Test

The requirements imposed by auditors or the German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (DPR) for documenting corporate acquisitions in consolidated financial statements are becoming more and more complex. Use our experience from over 200 purchase price allocations carried out, impairment tests and equity investment valuations in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) or IFRS. We will carry out your valuations, explain to you in detail the balance sheet impact and discretionary powers and will defend the results before the auditor.


In a crisis, access to resources and leeway to act always decrease, while the work to be done increases. Banks and other investors require expert opinions on the ability to restructure, detailed liquidity plans and reports at short intervals. We support banks and companies in the preparation of corresponding reports and in the generating of the necessary information. Our restructuring specialists implement identified measures in the company.