Free Webinar on FAS LeaseBOX

Many thanks for your interest in the FAS LeaseBOX product presentation – our software for the classification, posting, and accounting of lease agreements in accordance with IFRS/US GAAP. In a roughly 1 hour webinar, our leasing expert, Dr. Peter Adolph, and Karlheinz Beuchert, the IT expert and developer for FAS LeaseBOX, will show you all the details and functions of the FAS LeaseBOX, review the new leasing standard IFRS 16 once again, answer your specific questions, and address your needs for the system-side representation of your leasing agreements and their reporting.

If your company is interested in our free webinar on the FAS LeaseBOX, then please fill out the following contact form. We will contact you to set up an appointment. If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone at +49 711 6200749-0 or by email at Peter.Adolph(at)

Webinar on FAS LeaseBOX

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