Expert Opinions, Expert Reports and Second Opinions for Financial Reporting

Questions about accounting cannot always be answered clearly at first glance. It is therefore not uncommon for different parties to assess an issue differently under accounting regulations.

The accounting regulations can be based on the German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS or US-GAAP. Issues regularly relate to the recognition and measurement of assets and liabilities in the financial reporting. However, assessments of the materiality of omitted disclosures in the Notes to the financial statements or the management report are also often central points of discussion.

If you need an objective opinion or supportive arguments for your position, our experts will prepare expert opinions, expert reports or second opinions for you.

Expert Opinions for your Financial Reporting

We shall act impartially, i.e. we shall not discriminate against or favor any party, within the scope of expert opinion activities. To this end, we completely document the issue to be examined, assess it professionally, weighing the essential aspects, and give a complete account of all essential aspects within the framework of the expert opinion.

Expert Reports and Second Opinions for your Financial Reporting

We are engaged to make a presentation with an argumentative basis or to assess an issue against the backdrop of the existing regulations in the course of expert reports and second opinions.

  • Do you have a different opinion on an issue than your statutory auditor? We will support you in the analysis and appraisal of the issue.
  • Is the accounting chosen by you being questioned within the framework of an enforcement procedure? We provide grounds for your approach on the basis of the applicable regulations, commentary opinions and examples from accounting practice.
  • Would you like to know before a transaction or the conclusion of a contract what the later effects will be on your financial statements? We assess the effects for you and present you with alternatives in order to achieve the desired result.
  • Do you intend to submit a case-related preliminary inquiry to the German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (DPR)? Not only do you need the sufficiently specific issue, but also a proposal for balance sheet treatment in this case. We will be happy to support you with our uncomplicated expert report.

We at FAS AG provide support in the form of expert opinions and expert reports on various accounting and financial reporting issues. We can rely on a large pool of expert opinions and statements prepared by us and draw on our many years of experience in the area of accounting and partnerships with major auditing companies as well as their special requirements and expectations for an expert opinion. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.

 Dr. Christian Herold Partner