Treasury Advisory – Training & Support

One of the central topics in staff development today is ensuring that employees obtain additional qualifications. As is well-known, there is also a severe deficit of specialists. If a critical employee leaves a company, their loss can often be difficult to compensate for – particularly in the treasury when it is a relatively new, separate position in the company. In a classic case, attention is only really drawn to something when many people are affected by it. For example, this might occur if salaries are not paid on the 27th of a month, but, as an exception, at the end of the month. Factors such as volatility on financial markets or geopolitical changes results in nervousness in management circles.

Our Services in Training & Support

We would like to make you capable of acting at any time, able to execute projects on time with the best expertise, and let you have access to employees who are motivated to go the extra mile on account of qualification measures within the company. Our range of services therefore includes:

Project Management

  • For carve-outs in the M&A environment: Setting up treasury positions to ensure “day one readiness.”
  • Procedural interfaces: Support in connection with the launch of ERP systems
  • Selection, implementation and company-wide roll-out of treasury management systems and IT tools

In-house Training

  • In-house training courses on treasury subjects, such as financial risk management or governance & compliance, are individually designed for the target group, e.g., CFOs, head of accounting/controlling, etc. 

  • Training courses on new processes or operations in connection with treasury management systems and IT tools

Sparring Partner & Coach

  • Do you have a specific problem and want to discuss your topic as equals?
  • Do you want to develop a new process and need someone who is in the position to ask the right questions?
  • Do you already have a finished concept and are searching for a second opinion?

Temporary Support/Interim Management

  • Do you need staff support for a specific period of time in order to handle tasks such as account management or the preparation of financial reports that cannot be postponed?
  • Does your project not have enough staff and is at risk of failure?
  • Did your head of treasury quit and you need a temporary replacement urgently?

Our Services

Things often come out of nowhere and cannot be postponed. Furthermore, the available capacities in treasury organizations – if present at all – are barely sufficient for handling operational and usually time-critical daily business. Our experienced advisors and managers will let you fill a position quickly and efficiently. Not only do we ensure that you implement your measures and projects on time, but we will also provide our expertise in the sense of best-practice experience at all times. Our external perspective, a fresh look from outside, coupled with corresponding expertise is what will bring you added value to meet internal or external requirements. This is even if it only involves bridging a period until a permanent employee can be hired, e.g., a head of the treasury department or a cash manager.

We will help with a sustainable increase in effectiveness during the interim period and beyond. This is because we always make an effort not only to fulfill the assigned purpose, but also to improve processes or to help your employees gain additional qualifications.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a non-binding appointment to meet.

 Dominik Konold Partner