Treasury Advisory – IT & Digitization

Information technology assumes a very important place in the world of banking and finance today with high frequency trading on financial markets done by supercomputers equipped with artificial intelligence. One central factor is speed and the other is the quest for precision, for example, in predicting liquidity developments at companies. What began with proprietary online banking and rattling modems in the 90s has turned into a completely digital and multidimensional process operated by smartphones. The spectrum ranges from classical supplier payment transactions to the handling of the entire derivative trading process chain in the area of currencies or to financing rounds through digital marketplaces.

Support in Treasury, IT & Digitization

Digitization is the leading topic at many companies today. While there have been concerns about cloud solutions until recently, budgets have allocated millions to accelerate the digitization and automation of processes. From a technical perspective, this has been the reality in treasury departments for quite some time. For example, payment transactions are transmitted electronically to banks rather than having transfer slips filled out by hand; subsequently, internet banking was introduced, and today it is common to be directly connected to the SWIFT network for bank communication or even use payment transaction services that have nothing in common with a traditional bank. We regard it as our duty to help you navigate your way through the jungle of offers from fintechs and banks. We are experts in determining the IT tools in various treasury areas that are right for your needs. We act independently and freely. We make sure the IT landscape in your organization is harmonized. This is defined by processes whose weak points we can determine, for example, by using process mining technology with our technology partners – for instance by identifying deviations from the standard process. This involves leveraging efficiency, security and transparency.

Our Services

We will be glad to help you prepare analyses of levels, needs and gaps in the treasury department’s IT landscape. In particular, we will focus on your procedural organization and integration in the existing system landscape. Our holistic expertise in finance organizations, stretching from treasury topics to many others, puts us in the position to help you improve and, especially, harmonize existing systems. For example, we can do this in the centralization and standardization of payment transaction tools or the selection and roll-out of treasury management systems. An overview:

  • Determining needs, e.g., by process mining
  • Designing processes 
  • IT tool selection
  • Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Test support
  • Training and roll-out


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 Dominik Konold Partner