Internal Audit Support

The requirements for internal audit in companies are increasing more and more. The trend is moving further and further away from a purely auditing function of internal audit (with at least instructions for improvement when errors are detected) towards increasing acceptance as a business consultant and driving force for the company.

On the one hand, however, the capacities in the internal audit functions of companies are often quantitatively limited. On the other hand, auditing tasks are becoming more and more differentiated and specific, so that it often does not make sense for companies to provide the appropriate resources for the diversified internal auditing tasks in each area.

Operational Support for Internal Audit Teams

Our services in internal audit support are particularly relevant to you in the following situations:

  • Generally no internal audit exists and either one is to be established internally or permanently outsourced (outsourcing internal audit)
  • No internal capacity available in special areas of internal audit
  • General workload peaks in internal audit
  • “Incidents” in the company that require rapid and comprehensive clarification.

Establishment of High-performance Internal Audit

Our services in the area of internal audit support include in particular:

  • Preparation of audit plans and coordination with the management or the supervisory board or advisory board
  • Fast, hands-on operational and pragmatic support in internal audit in order to achieve timely and comprehensive transparency
  • Use of various specialists from finance, tax, IT and legal areas for the complete documentation of critical circumstances
  • Structured and traceable documentation of critical activities from the audit perspective
  • Confidential selective internal audit activities on behalf of the supervisory board or advisory board.

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 Thomas Heimhuber Director