Assumption of (Tax) Compliance Tasks

The requirements for the compliance function in companies are constantly increasing. And they are increasing not only in the tax area (tax compliance) through the application decree for Section 153 of the German Tax Code (AO), but also in the financial area (e.g. fraud and embezzlement issues), in the legal area (e.g. compliance with standard contract clauses) and especially in the area of data protection (e.g. through the GDPR) and IT security.

The capacities in the compliance functions of companies are, however, frequently quantitatively limited on the one hand. On the other, compliance tasks are also becoming more and more complicated and specific, so that it is sometimes also not sensible for companies to provide the appropriate resources for the diversified compliance tasks in each area.

Your Challenges in (Tax) Compliance Tasks

Our services in the area of assuming (tax) compliance tasks are particularly relevant for you in the following situations:

  • Generally no internal capacity for the assumption of (tax) compliance tasks
  • No internal capacity for special areas in (tax) compliance available
  • General spikes in workload in the area of (tax) compliance
  • “Incidents” in the area of (tax) compliance that require rapid and comprehensive clarification.

Solutions for the Assumption of (Tax) Compliance Tasks

Our services in the area of assuming (tax) compliance tasks include in particular:

  • Analysis of the existing situation in the area of (tax) compliance to give us an overview of the starting point
  • Fast, hands-on operational and pragmatic support in the area of (tax) compliance in order to achieve prompt and comprehensive transparency.
  • Use of various specialists from finance, tax, IT and legal areas for the complete documentation of critical circumstances
  • Structured and traceable documentation of critical activities from a compliance perspective
  • Confidential selective compliance activities on behalf of the supervisory board or advisory board.

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 Thomas Heimhuber Director