Process optimization with Process Mining

The ability to design business processes effectively and efficiently is a decisive factor in achieving the defined strategic goals of a company. It is the key in creating and maintaining competitive advantages in a fast-moving business environment. The control and monitoring of business processes, as well as their continuous optimization, are therefore a central success factor for every company.

Process Mining for process visualization & process analysis

In recent years, Process Mining has established itself as the leading technology for the visualization and analysis of process flows. Process Mining software is able to analyze the "digital footprint" of individual process steps across systems. Algorithms detect trends, and find patterns and details along the entire process flow. The advantages of the implementation and application of Process Mining come in particular with the process transparency on a very detailed level, the visibility of all process variants and the fast assessment of the process quantity structure.

Process mining software can be implemented permanently or used on a project basis only.

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In addition to process optimization, process mining is also used for operational management, in the area of risk & compliance and in ramp-up phases of transformation projects.

Holistic process optimization through process mining

The deployment of Process Mining enables new and comprehensive approaches for the optimization of business processes. Processes can be viewed holistically and hence analyzed across departments or disciplines. Process Mining provides outputs for databased discussions, in order to derive the most efficient optimization measures for the overall process.

Process mining can be utilized to identify potential for process optimization, analyze drivers of process weaknesses and bottlenecks and quantify potential by comparing process variants. If the Process Mining software is deployed over a longer period of time, Process Mining can consequently monitor the success of the improvement measures introduced.

Process Mining provides starting points for the reduction of undesired activities, the increase of desired activities, the reduction of rework, the reorganization of process activities, shortening of cycle times and the increased utilization of process automation. Due to the high granularity of details, the potential measures can be prioritized strictly with subject to cost-benefit aspects.

Our services for Process Mining

The FAS AG supports your plans for process optimization with Process Mining comprehensively from data extraction and preparation, process analysis and derivation of recommendations for action to professional support in the implementation of tangible measures. With our data and process experts as well as technical specialists, we assemble powerful teams for holistic process optimization projects with Process Mining. A Suitable way to get started in business process optimization with Process Mining is an analysis of a pilot process with a “proof of value” approach.

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