Process Management & Process Transparency

Definition and management of business processes as well as their optimization are a central task for every company. The ability to design your own business processes effectively and efficiently is ultimately critical for achieving the defined strategic goals of your company and creating and maintaining competitive advantages.   Achieving process excellence is naturally the goal of every process management and the result of a continuous improvement process ideally focused on the long term. Process excellence is not a fixed condition, but must be defined very individually for each company and each process. The focus is always on the creation of added value for the respective customer and the perfect focus of all activities on this goal against the backdrop of costs, through-put time and quality. It therefore comes down to answering the question of all questions: Who does what, when, where, why and how?

Requirements for Professional Process Management

In order to effectively “manage” your own business processes, your company needs processes designed precisely for this purpose as well as competent employees and the appropriate technologies. Your company should be able to do this:

  • Define and model business processes
  • Implement business processes or implement them in an organizational manner
  • Continuously monitor and control business processes with regard to performance
  • Continuously develop business processes over time (depending on internal and external factors)

Process Transparency

The prerequisite for process management is the creation of process transparency. While companies continue to use traditional methods of process recording on the basis of flow charts on pinboards or in tools via Visio, automated tools such as Celonis or Lana Labs are increasingly being used in process mining.

Approaches to Improve Process Management & Process Transparency

Our services in the area of process management/process transparency are particularly relevant for you in the following situations:

  • General lack of transparency or uncertainty about the processes in your company
  • Lack of transparency or uncertainty about selective processes in your company such as purchase-to-pay/P2P, order-to-cash/O2C or record-to-record/R2R
  • New design of processes in your company e.g. within the scope of the introduction of an ERP system like S4 Hana
  • Inefficiencies in processes such as loss of time (e.g. delayed deliveries), loss of money (e.g. discounts given) or workload (e.g. due to follow-up work on account of missing controls).

Implementation of Active Process Management

Our services in the area of process management/process transparency include in particular:

  • Analysis of the existing processes in your company with the help of process mining technologies, if necessary.
  • Documentation of the processes in your company
  • (Re)design of processes in your company
  • Optimization of processes in your company.

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 Jürgen Diehm Partner