Establishment of Outsourcing

In order to focus on the core competencies of your company, the outsourcing of (partial) tasks and projects can also be an option that leads to an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of the tasks actually handled within your organization.

Outsourcing Options

  • Payroll accounting and its constant regulatory changes take up an excessive amount of resources
  • The professional requirements in the tax area are continuously increasing.
  • You are dissatisfied with the relationship between performance and costs in your financial accounting or your accounting software and would like to be shown potential for optimization or an option for outsourcing.
  • In your business development, you are faced with the decision of setting up or expanding controlling, cost accounting or corporate planning in line with requirements, or have to invest in new IT systems.
  • You lack the internal resources to quickly and competently staff your finance and accounting department.
  • You want to optimize your processes in the area of finance in order to present yourself to potential buyers or partners or to prepare for an upcoming corporate transaction.
  • You have acquired a company or parts of a company and now have to integrate the local accounting as quickly as possible, competently and with as little investment expenditure as possible.

Challenges in Outsourcing Functions, Projects & Tasks

When outsourcing tasks or entire processes, it is necessary to simultaneously consider not only the integration of these functions, but also the stability of the processes during the outsourcing process. Clear organizational, procedural and systemic interfaces must be established in order to realize the desired benefits and avoid friction losses.

Outsourcing Support by FAS AG

Our integrative consulting approach consisting of technical expertise, process know-how and system expertise, coupled with our many years of experience in the management of change processes, will let us advise you on the development of outsourcing scenarios, the identification of functions to be outsourced, the preparation of processes to enable them to be outsourced, the selection of suitable external service providers, the relocation and assurance of process quality.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.

 Nikolaus Färber Member of the Board/Partner