Technical Process Consulting for Implementation

New or amended business requirements, regulatory changes, internally or externally driven transformation efforts or technological changes often establish the need to implement new system and software solutions or adapt existing solutions to the changes in technical requirements. Many companies are faced with the challenge of only being able to rely on limited internal know-how in implementation projects. In addition, there is often a lack of mutual understanding and a uniform language between the “technical department” and “IT” in technically driven IT projects. The necessary mediator and translator with a technical, IT-technical and in particular holistic understanding of the underlying processes is missing. Many optimization and standardization efforts often fail due to problems at this interface. This lack of interface competence often ends with the fact that technologically very advanced solutions do not meet the requirements on the technical side or only do so to a limited extent.

Factors for Success in the Implementation of Software Solutions

Not only the necessary implementation know-how, but also deep technical and procedural expertise, coupled with an affinity for IT technical issues and an openness to new technologies, is essential for achieving the project goals in the adaptation and implementation of new software solutions. This ensures the necessary transfer of the technical requirements to the technical solution. In addition to the content dimension, the success of projects is often also determined by the structured approach, which is essentially supported by proven methods of project and change management and is based on the wealth of experience of responsible project staff.

Support for Technical Process Implementation Projects

FAS AG will support you from the professional, technical design, through the implementation up to the roll-out of IT systems in the area of finance, with system introductions in the context of reorganization or establishment of financial organizations as well as with their modernization. In particular, we cover the finance and accounting modules in ERP systems, their integration into adjacent modules as well as planning, consolidation and reporting systems.

Our technical expertise, process knowledge and our IT know-how let us ensure the targeted communication of departmental requirements to your IT department or external implementation partners. In addition to classic ERP solutions (such as the introduction of SAP including multi-GAAP accounting and profit center accounting on the basis of the new general ledger), we also support you in the introduction of new technologies, such as S/4 HANA, the establishment of a central finance system, cloud technologies and their comprehensive effects on organization and processes.

In the modernization of your systems, for example, we will support you in the implementation of new control concepts by introducing or adapting appropriate planning and reporting systems or also in the definition and implementation of the necessary adaptations in the ERP system. Furthermore, we can support you in data harmonization and master data management (e.g. revision of charts of accounts, harmonization of business partner information).

We use a technical and process-driven analysis methodology to determine the business requirements and assess the impact on the IT and its systems. Depending on the requirements, we rely on a classic or agile project method and jointly determine the right approach. A prototypical approach or a structured proof-of-concept are also possible project methods, as is an extension by an upstream system selection. We offer you a holistic implementation approach and fall back on proven and long-standing partnerships.

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 Jürgen Diehm Partner