Software Selection/Proof of Concept

The range of software solutions in the most diverse business areas is becoming more and more complex and heterogeneous. It is difficult for the individual companies to maintain an overview of the various tools on the market, and experience in selecting a new software tool is also often lacking. At the same time, the selection of a new software solution is one of the most risky decisions made by company managers. Numerous companies, including renowned ones, have invested huge sums in failed IT projects or the business processes have come to a standstill due to difficulties with the projects in the IT or ERP systems (such as S/4 HANA). Common causes here, apart from misjudgments regarding project complexity, are extensive errors in software selection. Therefore, it is important to approach the software selection in a structured and methodically clean way in order to attach sufficient importance to the significance of these processes.

Software Selection Challenges

Our services in the area of software selection/proof of concept are particularly relevant for you in the following situations.

  • Introduction of new software, for example as an ERP system or for consolidation, is planned.
  • Lack of transparency on the relevant market for software, in particular with regard to new suppliers and technologies
  • Decisions already made for software should be externally validated in order to obtain an independent opinion.
  • Experiences of third parties with the handling of the software and informal selection criteria, such as the quality of the hotline or similar should be included in the software selection.

Support with Software Selection & Proof of Concept

Our services in the area of software selection/proof of concept include in particular the following points.

  • Creation of a structured and comprehensive list of specifications for the documentation of the software requirements
  • Creation of a longlist of potential software solutions on the basis of market studies and our own market research
  • Reduction of the longlist to a shortlist on the basis of the comparison of the requirements from the list of specifications with the solutions on the longlist
  • Accompaniment of supplier presentations and reference customer visits for the software on the shortlist
  • Preparation of decision templates for the executive board or management for software selection
  • Project management or coaching for the software selection process
  • Validation of already prepared or made decisions for a software solution

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