Finance Optimization

Constant change in markets, industries and business models as well as increasing regulatory requirements create an enormous challenge for finance functions. One of the largest drivers of change is digitization – it is changing both the content and the methods and tools in the area of finance.

In order to do justice to these developments and continue to be an efficient and effective business partner in the company, the area of finance must constantly continue to develop. The finance optimization team at FAS AG will therefore support you in the sustainable development and refinement of processes, methods, systems and the organization in the area of finance. We will help you with everything from strategy development and coaching to project or change management and the operational implementation of your CFO agenda.

Finance Processes

The design and implementation of a powerful financial organization with efficient processes is one of the most important challenges in the area of finance. New corporate strategies, changes in the business model or company transactions lead to regular changes and must be reflected flexibly, efficiently and compliantly. The finance optimization team at FAS AG will support you by supplying experienced specialists who can help with the development and optimization of structures and processes in the area of finance. This ranges from the modernization of the finance organization to the automation and acceleration of finance processes. It also includes complex carve-out projects, the integration of corporate units or the development of innovative outsourcing solutions or shared service centers for the area of finance.

Risk & Compliance

The constant change of markets, industries and business models, connected with the greater digitization and increasing regulatory requirements, causes responsible employees, management and supervisory boards to face enormous challenges. The steadily increasing complexity and density of information as well as the risks associated with this must be countered with consistent, proven structures and processes as well as intelligent systems. Only in this way will problems be identified at an early stage and risks minimized or prevented for the company and management. An experienced team at FAS AG, with specially trained professionals, provides support for the testing, design and introduction of business process controls such as internal controlling and monitoring systems in the area of finance and controlling. Furthermore, our team is also available for outsourcing and issues related to data protection and data security. Our board advisory team will support you in the development and refinement of your monitoring bodies.

Finance IT

The subject of digitization also determines both the long-term roadmap and the day-to-day business in the area of finance. Both structural and organizational changes in the company must be reflected flexibly or new regulatory requirements must be implemented as quickly and effectively as possible. Furthermore, there is the fact that the area of finance continues to be heavily defined by transactional processes and many procedural and system-technical interfaces. The finance optimization team at FAS AG will support you with a unique combination of technical and professional expertise, covering everything from the design of a digitization strategy in the area of finance and the selection of different financial systems to project and change management or system implementation. The spectrum ranges from innovative solutions for process mining, robotic process automation or artificial intelligence in the area of finance to ERP solutions, consolidation systems and planning and reporting instruments.