Vision & Strategy

Vision – Corporate Performance Management

Our vision is to establish FAS AG as THE independent alternative to the consulting firms in the German-speaking market for consulting in the fields of finance, valuation, and transactions.

Strategy – From IFRS to Corporate Performance Management

As part of our overall strategy, we are always trying to be one step more innovative and dynamic than the well-established market players. We achieve this in particular through short decision-making paths, a strong focus on clients, and creativity for finding new solutions.

Our market and product strategy is characterized by starting with our core competencies and establishing ourselves as a special provider on the market with our products. Building on this, we continually expand our expertise and thus our range of services in order to be able to provide all of this to our existing and new clients. In so doing, we always take special care to preserve FAS's profile and reputation. Our client relationships are characterized by true sustainability and mutual fairness and not by short-term thinking.

In the case of staff strategy, we have moved away from the antiquated attitude in consulting: Paying young, dedicated people salaries that are too low relative to their work, with the prospect of later potential career options. We pay fair salaries with an adequate performance-based component from the beginning so that we share our opportunities and risks as a team. This is also complemented by reasonable, but not excessive partner salaries and streamlined management structures.

 Dieter Becker Spokesman of the Board/ Managing Partner